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What our clients are saying about us!


I had a great experience with this company for my wedding! The process of receiving and returning the phone was so easy and communication was always timely. It was a big hit on the night of our wedding and I would definitely recommend them.



Vintage Voicemails is a GREAT alternative to a Wedding Guestbook. It’s unique, different, classy, and your guests will love it. Though there are quite a few different “voicemail guestbook” websites, Vintage Voicemails is fair in price, have many different color options, is efficient, their customer service is quick and great, and they truly put their customers first!


They sent us our phone over a week before the wedding, freeing us from stresses. If you’re trying to decide between them and another company, I’d strongly recommend choosing them.



Vintage Voicemails saved the day! I recently had a couple who knew they wanted their guest book to be unique and fun, and loved the idea of recorded messages. Vintage Voicemails was the answer! They were easy to work with, had a great selection to choose from and returned the recording so promptly. I highly recommend them and would absolutely use them again!



Was such a lovely addition to our wedding!
The phone looked really pretty on our Welcome Table.
We had hoped the delivery of the phone would have arrived a few more days earlier than the day before our wedding, as we had already checked into our wedding venue hotel, so had to arrange for someone to collect & drop off to us.  Definitely worth confirming a delivery date on booking, especially if you are heading to your wedding venue more than one day before your wedding date! Other than that, the booking process was fast & easy, Kaitlin was efficient in responding to questions, the phone was setup easily by our wedding planners and the final turnaround of the voicemails was emailed to us within 2 weeks of us returning the phone, which we think was very efficient.  We really enjoyed listening to our guests' messages! :)


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